Houston Edition: Cheap Eats and Date Ideas

Looking for a cheap date ideas? Look no further, I listed a few cheap eats and date ideas for anybody that is looking for a fun time together without breaking the bank. Most of these restaurants are not that far from each other, all of them are located in or near the Montrose area. So if that tells ya anything…Montrose is the place to be! I also tagged a few awesome places to go after having lunch or dinner.


  • Common Bond Cafe and Bakery: $$ – Cafe – Hyde Park

    This rustic chic cafe is located on 1706 Westheimer Rd. When Scott and I first arrived to Common Bond for brunch, there was a line out the door. I contemplated waiting, but with a line out the door, I thought this place had to be good. I am glad I stayed, it was worth the wait. The first thing you get to see is their pastries. Besides their savory seasonal dishes, they are well known for their delicious pastries and bread. They are thoughtfully placed front and center while you wait to order. So when you order that sausage and egg sandwich and latte, you might as well order that Nutella muffin you’ve been eyeing.

    A fun date idea for either before or after brunch, is to take a stroll on Buffalo Bayou Park. This park stretches from Shepherd Drive to Sabine Street between Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive, the 160-acre Buffalo Bayou Park is one of the country’s great urban green spaces. It’s my favorite place to go to to view the beautiful Houston skyline. This park has pretty much anything you would like to do, from watching the bats come out at dusk from Waugh Bridge. You can also take a tour of Houston’s cistern and rent a bike and/or boat rentals to view the rest of what the park has to offer. There is much more information if you go to their website here and download the Buffalo Bayou Guide. Use the map to guide you as you walk, run or cycle along the waterway and visit the many parks and historic areas. Free of charge.

Fried Corny Dog

Fried Corny Dog

  • Good Dog: $$ – Hot dog restaurant – Montrose

    Good Dog is another establishment that has made it’s home in an old house in Montrose. Visit their new location on 1312 W. Alabama street. This one by far is my  favorite restaurant. It’s such a cool place! The atmosphere is welcoming and laid back. All their food is local and made by hand. All of Good Dog’s condiments are made from scratch. The produce and buns are locally sourced, and everything is made to order. Have a hot dog (or corn dog) and a local craft beer on the patio.

    If  you want to go on a walk after lunch, I recommend exploring McGovern Centennial Gardens which is not too far from Good Dog. This place is beautiful! Take the time to explore a variety of themed garden rooms arranged along a spacious central lawn with your boo. This place is also good for photo sessions, so make sure you take your camera. Free of charge.

  • Backstreet Cafe: $$ – Cafe – Montrose

    Backstreet Cafe is located on 1103 S. Shepherd Dr. For more than 30 years Backstreet Cafe has been a Houston dinning tradition. The kitchen is under the direction of Chef Hugo Ortega, a James Beard Award winner (2017). This is another restaurant that is housed in a cozy 30’s era house in Houston’s River Oaks. It reflects Houston’s Southern Cajun, Creole, Hispanic and Asian influences. Backstreet is famous for its Sunday brunch and patio area.

    For a romantic date, go to the River Oaks district and find Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens. It is a beautiful 14-acre facility of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston that houses a collection of decorative art, paintings and furniture displayed in the former home of Houston civic leader and philanthropist Ima Hogg. This is another beautiful place, so make sure you take your camera and some cash for this one.


    Ramen Tatsu-Ya

    Ramen Tatsu-Ya

  • Ramen Tatsuya: $$ – Ramen – Hyde Park 

    Feeling adventurous? Have you tried ramen yet? I definitely recommend Ramen Tatsu-Ya, this hip spot in Hyde Park stands out from the rest. It’s located on 1722 California St with a big ole lucky cat on the front. You cant miss it. Rament Tatsu-Ya was featured here in my top favorite ramen restaurants. I recommend their Tonkotsu Original, which is made out of pork bone broth and fresh hand made noodles. I know this sounds crazy, but you have to go to the bathroom while you are there. I wont tell you why, but its pretty cool. I promise, just GO!

    A good date idea after having ramen, is heading to The Menil Collection art museum. The main building houses special exhibitions and a permanent collection, and it anchors a campus with three other museum buildings. And guess what guys, they offer free admission…talk about a cheap date!


Local Pho

Local Pho

  • Local Pho: $$ – Vietnamese Noodle – Washington Ave./Memorial Park

Pho. A type of Vietnamese soup typically made from beef stock and spices to which noodles and thinly sliced beef or chicken are added.

Now, tell me that does not sound good on a cold winter day? Local  Pho is a destination for all things local and delicious. Located in Sawyer Yards on Edwards St, Local Pho boasts traditional Vietnamese favorites, from fried to perfection egg rolls, traditional banh mi sandwiches (my favorite!), to their impeccable pho. There is something delicious for everyone!

For a date idea why don’t you go to Waugh Drive Bat Colony on Montrose. It is the main viewing spot to watch thousands of wild bats emerge from under the bridge at sunset. How romantic! Make sure your date is not afraid of bats though…


Do you have any other recommendations? Any other date ideas in Houston? Please let me know!

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