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Massage Heights Baybrook

I had my first massage today and it was wonderful…why did I wait soo long to get one?! For anybody that is interested in finally getting a massage, I listed a few things to keep in mind before you decide to get one.

In lieu of my anxiety, I’ve been on a mission to put myself first. I’ve thought of getting a massage at some point, but never did I think I would actually make time for it because of my busy schedule. During my week off of work, I decided this would be a great time to finally work on my body and soul.

So, for my first massage, I chose Massage Heights, I decided on them because they had great reviews, it was close to home and walking distance to Nordstrom Rack, lol. When I first called to make my appointment I was asked if I wanted a female or male therapist, reasons for getting a massage and if I wanted light or strong pressure. Please do not feel obligated to choose something or someone that will make you feel uncomfortable. You are the one to dictate your comfort level.

Massage Heights Baybrook

Massage Heights Baybrook

The cool thing about Massage Heights is that they offer members the opportunity to enhance the massage or facial with various Elevations (from Hot Stone Therapy and Reviving Foot Scrubs to Revitalizing Face Massage and Active Therapy), as well as all-natural Aromatherapies designed with specific benefits in mind.

Massage Heights uses natural, hypoallergenic Heights at Work Massage Lotion and Sports Therapy Gel. They also offer you the choice of complimentary aromatherapy for 1st time Guests and Members with specially formulated essential oils to help you Breathe, Relax and Energize.

I chose the reviving foot scrub and Energizing aromatherapy and it was perfect.

Massage Heights Baybrook

Massage Heights Baybrook

So this is what you need to know:

  • If it’s your first time visiting, your therapist will ask you some questions about the reasons for getting a massage, your current physical condition, medical history, lifestyle, stress level, experiences with specific areas of pain and whether there is any specific need you want addressed during the session. The therapist needs to make sure there aren’t any conditions present that rule out having a massage due to any health risks. The information you provide helps the therapist determine what techniques to use and how to structure the session.
  • After discussing your needs, your therapist will leave the room to provide privacy while you disrobe. You should take off only as much as you are comfortable removing. You should also remove jewelry or other articles that may interfere with the massage. After disrobing, you will lie flat on the table, covering yourself with comfortable linens. These are provided for draping during the session, and the therapist will uncover only the part of the body being massaged, insuring that modesty is respected at all times. The draping also keeps you warm. If you want more covering, don’t hesitate to ask!
  • Your massage takes place on a comfortable, padded table equipped with a heating device to keep you warm. If you would prefer, you can request that the heater be turned down or off. The therapist will tell you what position to lie in on the table. The table may have some extra attachments or cushions, such as a face rest (which allows you to lie in a face down position without turning your head and neck). If you don’t like using any attachments, ask the therapist to remove it.
  • Expect a peaceful and comfortable environment for your massage. The room is equipped with overhead music to enhance your experience. If you prefer a completely quiet environment, ask the therapist to turn the music off. The lights can be dimmed during the session, or if you’d like more light, feel free to ask.
  • The key to obtaining your goals during a session is communication. Let your therapist know if you are in need of general relaxation or stress reduction or if there are specific areas needing attention. For example, general relaxation or stress reduction sessions usually include all the major areas of the body, while a session for a localized injury, pain or tightness will be focused on a specific area. It is possible to spend most of an entire session on only one area. If there is anything that does not feel comfortable or right or you do not like, you have the right to ask the therapist to stop. Throughout the session, the therapist will ask about the level of pressure, and you should take this opportunity to communicate the level in which you feel comfortable, asking for more or less.
  • After the massage, you will once again be provided with privacy in order to get dressed. At this time, you may ask about any questions you have. The usual length of a session is an hour, but may be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 120 minutes.

I opted to have the general relaxation/stress reduction session which included all the major areas of the body. You will be surprised how fast an hour long session goes by! My overall experience at Massage Heights exceeded my expectations, their staff was really kind, helpful, and personable and my therapist Myra was incredible. If you are in the area, pay them a visit!

If you need more information about what to expect please go here. Their website was very helpful and informative.

Located in: Baybrook Square
Address: 1373 Bay Area Blvd, Webster, TX 77598


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